Thursday, January 24, 2013


hello guys,

I want to tell you that I have some problems with my laptop and it means problems with uploading/downloading -___-" I hope I will fix it soon.

Now I have lots of jgvs in my laptop to upload and even more to download, be patient please~

and I  suppose lots of you tries to find some jgvs but can't find it.

I might help you. I know lots of webs for jgvs and I can try to find something.

It may take a few days to find/download/upload it so again, be patient please ;3

So. . . any requests?

btw, I'm very greatful for all those visits *-* this blog is actually more popular during one month than my personal blog during one year XD

Sunday, January 6, 2013

[Go Guy Plus] g+ deluxe disc ~featuring Neito~


Hey guys!

I hope you liked recent updates, I'll try to upload more and more~

And guess what have I found! The extra disc to Losing a forbbiden flower - Nagito behind the scenes *-*
It downloads incredibly slow, but I will upload it as soon as possible!
I can't wait to see it *-*

I found it by a coincidence when I was looking on one tumblr with jgv gifs and I realized that some if those gifs with Nagito I have never seen.

Look how cute he is x"3

see you soon ^^
btw, thank you for 1800 visits! *-*

[Go Guy Plus] Tokimeki - Get my love